USPSA (US Practical Shooting Association) is a fast paced fun and exciting shooting sport that balances speed and accuracy to test your shooting ability. While shooting a USPSA match you will get a chance to shoot while moving, shoot at moving targets, shoot at reactive targets and shoot at different shooting positions. We encourage everyone to come out and try one of the matches to have a lot of fun and progress your shooting ability.

Check out this VIDEO explaining the basics.

Our matches are held on the second Saturday of every month.  Registration starts on the Saturday 1 week before the match at 12:00pm.  Registration is done via the Quinton USPSA page on – CLICK HERE for that.

The fee schedules are as follows

  • Members – $22.00
  • Guests: – $28.00
  • Junior (17 years and under) – $11.00

Please bring at least 200 rounds, and (depending on your division) at least 4-6 magazines.

The USPSA rulebook which includes information on divisions etc. can be found HERE.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions –

Match Directors:  Ben Plappert & Corey Mulholland