Quinton 3 Gun

The fastest growing and most exciting shooting sport out there is 3 gun.  It is fast paced and requires a combination of safety, shooting speed and accuracy with different firearms. The best part is that you probably don’t even need any more equipment than what is already in your safe to get started and anyone can play.

3 gun consists of a set of courses in which you shoot three firearms – rifle, pistol and shotgun – at different stages and engage various types of short and long range targets from assigned positions. While shooting a 3 gun match you will also get a chance to shoot while moving, shoot at moving targets, shoot at reactive targets sometimes from challenging shooting positions. Spectators are welcome and you should also feel free to come out and watch a match before you try if you’d like.

If you are not familiar with 3 gun, send us an email at and we will answer all of your questions.

Generally, any 5.56/.223 rifle, a 20ga or larger shotgun and a 9mm or larger pistol would be suitable.

Scoring is based on raw time and hits plus penalties. Basically, the shooter who hits the most targets in the least amount of time wins.

Our matches are held on the 4th Sunday of every month from March through November (weather permitting). Registration starts on the Sunday before the match at 10:00am. Registration is done via the Quinton 3 gun page on The matches are run as a series and there are awards for the top shooters in each division at the end of the year.

The match fees:

QSC Members – $25.00
Non Members – $30.00

Our rules can be found HERE (please click).

Explanation of season scoring can be found HERE (please click).